Crafts: 36 Best DIY Ideas For A Christmas Tree

It’s that time of year again, and we could not be more excited to be decorating the Christmas tree in DIY style. How about you? If you are looking for a creative way to have a tree and are limited on space, we have some super cool ideas for you. If you love making ornaments and handmade decor for your tree, then you are going to love these cool Christmas crafts and projects that will definitely get you in the holiday spirit. Our house was on the Jr. League Christmas parade of homes one year and the ladies made so many DIY ornaments and decorations for our house. The DIY Christmas projects were so fun, easy, and stunning looking! So brilliant on a table or even hanging on your Christmas trees as ornaments. DIY was never more gorgeous.

1. DIY Ribbon Christmas Tree


I saw this brilliant DIY Christmas tree a few weeks ago when I picked up a copy of Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Crafts magazine to start getting ideas for some holiday decorations. I found quite a few things that I want to make this year. One project that stood out to me was the Christmas Tree Concerto. It’s a Christmas tree made from a foam cone covered in loops of sheet music. I decided to make my own version, only using loops of ribbon to cover the tree instead of sheet music. In my travels to Wal-Mart one week, I picked up a foam floral cone and some ribbon.

2. Simple Crafted Thread Trees


Our house was on the Jr. League Christmas parade of homes one year and the ladies made so many DIY ornaments and decorations for our house. One DIY project were these string trees. The tutorial is very easy, you just wrap cones with parchment paper and secure with pins. Using starch to coat thread and wind it around your cones and let dry completely. These look brilliant on a table or even hanging on your Christmas trees as ornaments. DIY was never more gorgeous.

3. Pine Cone Christmas Tree


My neighbor brought me an entire bag of pinecones from her family farm, I had seen these DIY pinecone trees, but couldn’t figure out how to make one. There are many different ways of going about it as it turns out, but this tutorial is the easiest and the cheapest. You just use your hot glue gun and stick them all together then top with a festive bow. DIY Christmas decor has never been easier.

4. Modern Wooden Tabletop Christmas Tree


If you live in a small space, it can be tough to find a spot for a Christmas tree. In my urban apartment, it’s impossible to display one, let alone make space to store it the other eleven months of the year. But this year, I was determined to find a small tabletop solution, and while I was at the craft store, it hit me: a reusable dowel rod tree that could be folded up and easily packed away flat. So, I grabbed my Dremel tools, and I was off. The result was Scandinavian minimalism mixed with good old country horse sense.

5. DIY Rustic Tomato Cage Christmas Tree


Apparently, the guy at Lowe’s told me that this time of year they sell more tomato cages than they do all summer because people are making tomato cage Christmas trees. Just a fun fact for you. I was one of those people. I have seen tomato cage Christmas trees around the web, but I didn’t see any that were “my style” you know that rustic cottage vibe? So I set out to make my own in my own style & I found out it was super easy. Of course, my version of the tomato cage Christmas tree isn’t going to be for everyone, but by changing a few things around you can make them in your own style for your holiday decor!

6. DIY Mini Wood Christmas Trees



I saw these DIY ornaments while I was out holiday shopping and wanted to make them with my own simple and minimal touch.  I made each tree hang one ornament and I love that I can focus on the simplicity of each one. I made them out of balsa wood that is very affordable at Michael’s craft store. It would also definitely be very cute to hang greens from the hooks, mistletoe would be darling.

7. Pinecone Trees


Our Neighbor brought us a ton of pinecones from her farm in East Texas. We have been doing every kind of DIY pinecone project imaginable.  Today my kids used the remaining bit of our pine cones to make Christmas trees to hand out on Christmas to family members. First we painted them green and added glitter. Forgot to take pictures, it was a bit messy, but we did it outside! Their teachers and friends adored them.

8. Pallet Christmas Tree


I had an old pallet ai wanted to upcycle into a stunning DIY Christmas tree. So I painted it first and while it was drying, I collected the decorations.  The Christmas lights I had, 90% of the silver & gold ornaments I had collected weeks prior from our local thrift stores.  I decided on a silver & gold theme early on, so I also collected anything I could decorate the tree with including the silver & gold foil garland.  Little did I know, this stuff was going to work really well.  It was easy to wrap around the nails. The snow I bought for $1.99 at our grocery store, but the gold star on top and the star candle are both from the thrift store.  So, I grabbed a handful of nails (glue did not work for me) and started at the top hammering the nails in. I started with the “female” end of the lights and I put the first bulb on the first nail to light up the star, and then zig-zagged my way down. This DIY Christmas tree project turned out so cute.

9. DIY Balsa Wood Christmas Tree


These DIY  balsa wood Christmas trees are such a lovely decoration to make for the Holiday season. This PDF includes two sizes of the tree. All you need to do is print out the PDF below, cut out the templates and draw around them on thin strips of balsa wood – which you can pick up at your local art and craft store. Use a sharp craft knife to cut out the pattern and include the cut line down the middle, top, and bottom. Then you can get to the fun bit – painting! We used a piece of dowel, dipped in paint to make polka dots in white paint on our balsa wood. We also used a paintbrush to color the tops of our trees or to paint an entire side. Once the paint is dry on your wood Christmas tree you can slot them together so that they stand up. Set them on a mantle, windowsill or sideboard and say Hello to the Holiday season in style!

10. DIY Ornament Display Tree


I had a bunch of vintage ornaments I wanted to display, but not precariously on our Christmas tree. I saw this fabulous idea on Pinterest that suited my needs perfectly. I made the wooden tree forms with a little help from my husband. It is a very rewarding DIY Christmas project and looks amazing with anyone’s home decor.

11. DIY Fresh Mini Trees


12. Popsicle Stick Christmas Trees


13. Cardboard Tabletop Christmas Tree


14. Yarn Christmas Tree DIY


15. DIY Concrete Christmas Trees


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