Bedroom: 40 Dreamy Shabby Chic Decor and Bedding Ideas

Love shabby chic decor? So do I, but was I ever surprised to see how pricey some of the best pieces were in stores. You probably know and love the look, but did you also know it is not terribly difficult to DIY your own with a little creativity and ingenuity? Shabby chic decor is romantic, chic and a dressy sort of casual. Reminiscent of French country cottages, vintage homes from long ago and a lived in but elegant style of living, this decor is a timeless favorite you can not really go wrong with. Check out the awesome step by step tutorials to learn how to make some incredible shabby chic furniture and bedding for your home today!

1. Wood Beam And Lace Curtains


2. DIY Lace Pillowcase


3. Aqua Ruffled Comforter


4. Ruffled Bedskirt


5. Ruffled Spiral Pillow


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