Bedroom: 40 Ways to Dress Up Boring Windows

Tired of your boring bare window panes or dingy old curtains? Dress up your boring, tired windows with these fun and fabulous  ideas  for DIY curtains and draperies that fit pretty much every budget. Easy to make tutorials with step by step instructions will have you crafting new window fashions in no time. ( I made some of the pom pom curtains for my living room a few months ago, and you would not believe all the compliments I have received.  Check out this awesome list of DIY drapes and curtains and instantly upgrade your home decor this weekend!

1. DIY Fold And Clamp Tie Dye


2. Dyed Curtains


3. Ombre Drapes


4. Add Lace To Your Windows


5. Pom Pom Pep-Up Curtains


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